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Rivers APC Ongoing Restructuring; In The Best Interest Of The Party : INCRA

Rivers APC  Ongoing Restructuring; In The Best Interest Of The Party : INCRA

-No victor, no vanquish.

The Inter Ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA, describes as commendable and productive, the ongoing restructuring operation in the All Progressives Congress, APC, Rivers State.

INCRA, considers it most appropriate to banish emerging misconceptions, misgivings and unnecessary fuss in the public domain over the exercise.

Restructuring is a routine organisational exercise aimed at achieving improved efficiency, higher productivity, strategy review and other very important objectives that makes the organisation a lot better than it previously was. The Rivers APC, like every other organizations with hunger for success and improvement, is undergoing internal restructuring to put itself in a vantage position ahead of the 2019 general elections in order  to ensure victory.

The Management or Leadership of every organisation, whether political or apolitical reserves the right to carry out this all important and necessary retooling operation in the best interest of the organisation whenever it deems it essential to do so.
It is erroneous to conclude that the restructuring exercise is a punitive measure and that those affected by it are necessarily incompetent, unproductive and ineffective. In fact, exercises like this promotes team spirit,  gives everyone a sense of belonging and erode monopolist tendencies.

In every family, including the Rivers APC family, there are bound to be internal disagreements and clashes of interest, this however, does not portray strife and antagonism. We must disagree to agree, this is an immutable human disposition in every organisation.

At this point, we wish to admonish all members of our Party to jettison all forms of divisive postures. Lets dwell more on things that unite us rather than things that divide. Our drive for change in Rivers State can only be fruitful through unwavering commitment by focussing on the bigger picture and abiding by the directives of our Leader, the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

INCRA believes that there is no victor nor vanquished, only our corporate interests, goals and objectives have prevailed not individuals.
We must therefore work harder and ensure cohesion if we must become the occupants of the Brick House in 2019.

Ubima, Rivers State.
June 19, 2017.