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INCRA Admonishes Wike Over Flim-flam On Dame Judith Amaechi's Esi Project.

INCRA Admonishes Wike Over Flim-flam On Dame Judith Amaechi's Esi Project.

The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA,  berates Governor Wike over his indiscreet and fictitious assertions against Her Excellency, Dame Judith Amaechi, former First Lady of Rivers  State and Wife of the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi.

The Governor in his unending and cunning histrionics, mendaciously alleged that Dame Judith Amaechi had during the tenure of her husband as Governor, ordered and coerced Local Government Council Chairmen, to donate money to her pet project, the Empowerment Support Initiative, ESI.

Though, these vile and ignoble claims have been adequately refutted and dimissed as groundless, brummagem and fanciful, by the former Commissioner for Local Government Affairs and the erstwhile Local Government Council Chairmen, we are yet again, constrained to entrench the truth and bring to ridicule the Governor's precipitance to making unfounded and unconfirmed statements.

The Empowerment Support Initiative, ESI- a Non-governmental Organisation, NGO, and a pet project of Dame Judith Amaechi, was launched on October 16, 2008, with the cardinal objective of bringing support and empowerment to the downtrodden Rivers people and residents with a high degree of focus on women and vulnerable children as a way of assisting the Amaechi-led administration achieve its lofty dreams of ensuring a meaningful future for the people of Rivers State.
Dame Judith Amaechi

The Inauguration of the ESI was well-attended by dignitaries including the then First Lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Dame Turai Yar'Adua, Wife of the then Vice President, Dame Patience Faka Jonathan, top government functionaries, captains of industries and other top and well-respected personalities, who made voluntary donations to support the initiative and were never coerced then or after.

The initiative had since its birth, carried out several human capacity building programmes, empowerment, skills acquisition and educational supports.
Notable amongst them are the ESI early learning free education centres. Even up till date, ESI free Nursery Schools have continued to function effectively, providing free basic early learning and education to pupils as is visible in various ESI permanent centres in virtually all the Local Government Areas of the State like Ikwerre, Emohua, Eleme, Opobo/Nkoro, Tai, Etche, Oyigbo, Gokana, Okrika, including Wike's Obio/Akpor, etc, and the ESI ladies cabbies programme, where brand new exotic Hyundai cars were  given to ladies as cabs, making ESI the first and only organisation in the State to assist women own and operate commercial cars and buses as a way of creating employment for the female folks and empowering them to favourably compete with their male counterparts.

While we are aware that it is in the usual character of the Governor to delude the unsuspecting public as a way of diverting attention from his numerous unglamorous and shadowy deals, it is however, mind boggling that the Governor who holds a highly exalted public office in trust, would incessantly engage in such tawdry artifice of twisting and skewing facts in a bid to beguile the public and turn them against his former boss and benefactor, Amaechi and his Wife.
Wike has never hidden his odium for the Amaechis and would do anything untoward to bring them to derision.
Barr Wike ( Governor of Rivers State )

It is unfortunate that the Governor has extended his wild goose chase to Dame Judith, the wife of Amaechi. Over two years down the line, Wike's cardinal agenda as Governor of Rivers State has been the demonstration of futile attempts to pull down Amaechi.

It is shameful that his claims to have documents that are capable of nailing Amaechi, has remained as much a secret as the State's Budget.
Need we remind the Governor that the clock is fast ticking and that he has only about twenty months to vacate the Brick House? The Governor is accordingly advised to make public any piece of evidence that confirms his bogus allegations on the ESI project or "SHUT UP AND WORK."

INCRA challenges, Governor Wike to reveal to Rivers people any meaningful and laudable programme of his wife, Her Excellency, Barr. Suzette Wike, that supports and empowers Rivers people in her capacity as the First Lady. We advise Governor Wike to channel a mite of his energy towards assisting his wife achieve a small measure of what Dame Judith Amaechi did for Rivers people during her time.
It is not lost on us that Rivers people are yet to feel the impact of her office and as such, missing the laudable programs brought to them by Dame Judith Amaechi, the Initiator and founder of the ESI, who gave meaning to the office of the Wife of the Governor.

We recall that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a couple of months ago, during the inspection of the dry dock project in far away Kaduna State, fiercely warned Governor Wike to  cease subjecting his wife, Dame Judith to further attacks or he would be forced to expose Wike's wife, Dame Suzzette. Following this warning, the Governor, cowardly retracted temporarily from that dishonourable path, however, he seems to have resumed his major preoccupation of casting aspersions on Amaechi and his wife through his proxies.

The Governor must as a matter of necessity desist forthwith from attacking significant initiatives and programs of well-meaning citizens that add value to the masses, seeing that his government is sufficiently incapable of initiating any good and promising programs.

Ubima, Rivers State.

August 3, 2017.