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Alleged SARS Solidarity March: Senator Andrew Uchendu Refutes Fake Online Article

Senator representing Rivers East senatorial District has denied publishing an online article in solidarity for the special Anti-robbery squad of the Rivers State police command which bears his name as the author. In a statement made public by the Media aid to the distinguished senator Mr. Solomon Okocha, the senator described the fake online article as weak and amateur. He credited the article as a plot by the governor of the state to soil his hard earned reputation. 

The statement reads:

"The attention of Senator Andrew Uchendu, representing Rivers East Senatorial District, has been drawn to an infantile, poorly-written, and a completely false online report titled: "No Going Back On APC's Solidarity March For SARS; And The Call For Declaration Of A State Of Emergency In Rivers State ---- Sen. Andrew Uchendu".

This ignoble concotion of utter insanity, supposedly authored by one Victoria Mieadonye Jumbo (a busted pseudo), and shamelessly shared on Facebook by Mr Oraye St. Franklin, the Social Media Aide to the Rivers State Governor, is another weak, amateur and irresponsible attempt by Governor Wike and his agents of falsehood, at soiling the hard-earned reputation of Senator Uchendu. 

For the record, Senator Uchendu hereby states as follows: 

1. That at no time did he grant any interview to the press, wherein he stated that he was in support of any alledged solidarity match by the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, or any other group, for that matter.

2. That at no time did he say that any Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Officer was involved in any robbery incidence, or that such a person was a bad egg, or that he is dead. 

3. That there was never a time when Senator Uchendu said that he will move a motion on the floor of the Senate, in order for the President to declare a state of emergency in Rivers State. 

4. That Wike, as a Lawyer, ought to have properly tutored his stooges on the position of the Constitution on the declaration of a State of Emergency in any part of the country. 

5. That Secton 305 of the 1999 Constitution clearly stipulates why, how and when the imposition of a state of emergency in the country or any part of it, should take effect.

6. That he has been tried and tested by Rivers people, from his days in Risonpalm and thereafter, and that, they are very much abreast of his antecedent, therefore, they should not allow themselves to be deceived by Wike's endless orchestra of lies, hate and deceit. 

7. That he has advised Wike severally to change his war-like and excessively confrontational posture, because he will be worse off for it, if he so continues. 

8. Finally, that what Rivers people really need now is peace, and that is exactly what Senator Uchendu, has in store for them."

Solomon Okocha 
Media Aide to Senator Andrew Uchendu 
Rivers East Senatorial District