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Attempt on Amaechi's Life: Another Exhibition of Executive Rascality ~ INCRA

A group known as the Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (INCRA), has expressed shock over the assassination attempt on the Minister of Transportation Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The group also described the failed assassination attempt as another exhibition of executive Rascality by Governor Wike as they further advised him to put the people first before embarking on a mission of vendetta against his former boss and benefactor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The Statement Reads:


▫INCRA flays Governor Wike, condemns attack on Amaechi, hails F-SARS operatives.

The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA, is shocked at the abortive assassination attempt by Governor Wike's outrider on the life of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Honourable Minister of Transportation on Saturday, November 11, 2015.

Amaechi, who arrived the State yesterday to attend a function escaped assassination by the whiskers at the Trans-amadi axis of Port- Harcourt enroute his destination.
According to eye witnesses who were at the scene of the incident, it happened that the Governor was using the same route as Amaechi when suddenly, the Governor's outrider deliberately attempted to interject the third vehicle in Amaechi's convoy on noticing it was Amaechi after two of the leading vehicles in the convoy had already passed, but for the dexterity of Amaechi who skilfully swerved his vehicle away from outrider to avoid collision and moved on the story would have been told differently.

On seeing that his ploy to interject Amaechi's vehicle had failed he immediately pulled a pistol on him with which he vandalised his  car using the butt of the pistol. At this point, Amaechi's security details swiftly intervened thereby, averting a major crises that would have led to attacks and reprisals. The Governor's Chief Security Officer, SP Promise Wosu on arriving the scene with the Governor from behind ordered the mauling of one of the F-SARS operatives in Amaechi's security details and confiscated his riffle.

Having carefully considered the gamut of the incident, we are convinced beyond doubt that the incident was a clear manifestation of the Governor's odium towards Amaechi and an attempt to harm him. We are therefore, befuddled at the laborious attempts by the Governor's media aide to turn the facts of the matter on its head and garner cheap sympathy from the unknowing members of the public.

Given the glaring facts of the matter, we are compelled to ask why the Governor's outrider who is procedurally two to five minutes ahead of the Governor's convoy, aim for the third vehicle in Amaechi's convoy which of course was the vehicle conveying Amaechi?

If the only intent of the Governor's outrider was to stop Amaechi's convoy to give the Governor right of way, why didn't he stop the first two vehicles in the convoy? Instead he went for the third vehicle carrying Amaechi. Assuming without conceding to the possibility that the outrider meant no harm, was it professional to attempt to break Amaechi's  convoy?

If the claims of the Governor that Amaechi's security details, specifically men of the F-SARS, attempted to harm him, why were there no vehicle in the Governor's convoy at the scene of the incidence except his outrider? Only vehicles in Amaechi's convoy are pictured in the scene at that material time as was seen from the live pictures and videos recorded.

Again, the Governor through his media aide asserted that Amaechi had over fifty SARS operatives in his convoy. This is such an unintelligent lie sufficiently lacking in cognitive capacity. If Amaechi had that number of security operatives in his convoy then it follows that the Governor must have had more security operatives to have been able to overpower Amaechi's security details, beat up a SARS operative and seize his riffle.

We are worried that the Governor's interest has always been on the security attachment of Amaechi. Being aware of the Governor's antecedents, strategems, unending hateful outbursts and spite  for Amaechi, we are most perturbed about this development and call on the Federal Government to immediately beef up security around Amaechi.

It is easy for any rational mind to see that the sole intent of the Governor's outrider was to harm Amaechi, obviously, at the behest of his paymaster. If Amaechi had alighted from his vehicle and not driven off, the outrider would have had a perfect opportunity to pull the trigger and complete his mission which is obvious to all.

We commend the SARS operatives for their professional approach on the matter and prompt intervention that saved the life of Amaechi. Were it not for the gallantry of this brave men, we would have had an unimaginably sad situation in our hands.

As a leading Pan-Rivers media group in Rivers State, we have severally called the attention of the general public to several instances of the exhibition of executive rascality and violent disposition by the Governor. We are of the view that if this high-level recklessness is allowed to continue to fester beyond tolerable limits, the State may be thrown into unbearable  tension and anarchy.

The Governor is advised to put the people first before embarking on his vendetta against his former boss and benefactor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. The present security apparatus of the State has been considerably weakened by lack of tact on the part of the State government and is in no shape to sustain further security downturn.

The Governor should quit seeking undue attention and public sympathy. He should realise that the only way out of the public opprobrium which he has thrown himself into is by delivering quality governance to Rivers People.

Ubima, Rivers State.

November 13, 2017.