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Hon.Marshall Israel wrote

If you were told that these people will stop talking against Amaechi, you are
deceived. They are highly bittered and angry about the whole situation. They won't tell you that deep down inside their hearts, they are regretting.

Unfortunately that's the attitude of a loser. Shame won't allow them to accept defeat and move on with their lives, although others are realizing it. Cockroach does not accept death. If you cut the head, Cockroach will continue to raise hands and legs for almost a week.....
looking for a life that is gone and creating an impression that it can still move. Okoko Ndem amidst obvious defeat, hunger and strife was still casting aspersions on Gen.Gowon and Nigerian Troops while eulogizing Ojukwu and giving the already impoverished Biafrans false hope.

Now they're talking about who's going to be the leader of APC in the South South with the emergence of Omo Agege as DSP. What the fuck is the relevance of leader or no leader of South South? Like I said earlier the problem is bitterness and acrimony in their hearts. Osinbajo is Vice President and Femi is the Speaker House Of Representatives. By hierarchy, they are higher than Tinubu but you won't see any write up or comment placing them ahead of Tinubu as leaders of South West. Despite their Political ascendency, they are still loyal to Tinubu.

Even with Oyegun and Oshiomole as former National Chairman and Chairman of the APC, Rotimi Amaechi was and still been addressed as the leader Of the APC in the South South. That doesn't make Oshiomole less important than Amaechi because all of them have a lot to contribute to the table. I saw a post from one of them "that Amaechi should not be reappointed Minister." I laughed hysterically because it's childish, peasantry and highly elementary for an adult to imagine that a Minister who performed creditably and a DG of a Presidential Campaign Organization that returned the same President he served under would be left behind. What a nomadic thinking? Indeed age is just a number. PMB is not ungrateful like them.

Amaechi is not necessarily been addressed as leader of APC in the South South because of his position as Minister. But because of the role he played in making  Buhari the President of Nigeria in 2015. When it was an offense punishable by death to support PMB and mention APC in the South South, Amaechi stood his ground and paid huge sacrifice and price for it. He almost lost his life. The North and indeed PMB knows this and they are not ungrateful like the proponents of "It must be be".

APC was an opposition party when Hechi joined. He helped to Cook the food that people are enjoying today. I'm happy that APC is gaining ground gradually in the South South because people paid the price even with their lives for it. Thugs and militants were imported from neighbouring states including Delta, Bayelsa and Akwa-ibom to Rivers State to fight APC members. Security agencies were departments in PDP. Their agenda was to stop Amaechi and APC from campaigning and congregating for APC/PMB in Rivers State. PMB knows this and he's not ungrateful.

Amaechi has produced five consecutive MDs of NDDC and Executive Directors and State Representatives. Amaechi played a major role in all the appointments we got in Rivers State vis-a-vis South South. The proponents of who becomes South South APC leader knows this but bitterness and acrimony won't allow them accept it. They also benefitted when their ally was EDFA in NDDC through the same Amaechi.

Well, I don't know what will happen...I'm not God. But one thing I'm sure of is that at the sharing Table, Amaechi will not only be there, he'll play a major role on who gets what in the South South.