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This is a clarion call on Ijaw people, especially, all Bayelsans to speak in
one voice irrespective of political affiliation. We have a reputation for pulling down our own just like a mother hen that eats her own eggs. That is not something good about a people.

 Since NDDC was created, this is the second time a Bayelsan would be occupying the exalted position of Managing Director, even though on Acting capacity. Sadly and typical of us, the attempt to pull down the Prof. Nelson Brambaifa led board is coming from no other quarters than from fellow Bayelsans. May I ask, are we cursed to fight ourselves all the time even when other ethnic groups stand to benefit from such fights?

In just 5 months since the present NDDC board was inaugurated, many good things have been happening to our people. The Nembe road that was abandoned all these years has been surprisingly completed in a jiffy thereby making life easier for residents of the area

Payment for Water Hyacinth that use to be the exclusive preserve of some demi gods have been paid to ordinary youths including Ijaws and Bayelsans and the gods have become very angry. The same Water Hyacinth project the previous administration did not even bother to engage any contractor for yet heaven did not fall

Even outside the state, the imprints of the management can be felt. Only last week, fully automated medical Ambulance and important medical equipment worth millions of naira were delivered to the Ondo State Government to help them combat Lassa fever and other medical emergencies.

In Rivers State, the dilapidated road leading to the Naval Dockyard was started and completed in record time, while in Cross Rivers, Akwa/Ibom, Delta, Edo, Abia and Imo States this management has made very  positive impacts within the shortest possible time. Despite that however, some selfish Ijaws and Bayelsans are at the forefront of discrediting this board

And some of those leading this move are the same people who had held top public offices in the state before with nothing to show for it. All they desire is to have access to the Commonwealth of the people for their selfish ends. It is unimaginable that only one person is lobbying to become a Governor, Minister and NDDC MD at the same time, if that is not greed, somebody should tell me what it is

It is obvious that the sponsored media attacks directed at the Commission is part of a larger scripted plots to diminish the towering image of the former Minister for Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi and rubbish the hard earned reputation of the management board which is intended at ultimately preventing him from playing the role he is playing in the region. I quite agree that Amaechi is not a saint but he has proven to be a detribalized leader by nominating our son to this exalted position. In fact, he has proven again and again to be a dependable ally of the Ijaws by nominating Ijaw candidates for the Governorship tickets of his party, APC both in 2015 and 2019.  This is unlike those who would always selfishly  position themselves and their families for every single position given to Bayelsa,   to that extent, Amaechi should be appreciated not vilified

Unfortunately for the buccaneers, this time around, the masses of Bayelsa are fully prepared for them. We have had enough of pull him down and are prepared to resist it this time, no individual would be allowed to fill his till from the opportunities granted the people of Bayelsa. The dreams of our founding fathers and those who fought for the liberation we enjoy today did not envisage a state/ struggle that will benefit only one person and his cronies

Bayelsans are amongst the long list of Contractors owed backlog of obligations which this board has cleared, even more, Bayelsans shall form part of the beneficiaries of the September batch of foreign scholarships currently ongoing.

No matter how one views it, this team led by our illustrious son and erudite professor has performed creditably well, far more than the last board did in their entire tenure. This is a fact we should be celebrating

The attitude of always destroying our own must stop and now. The consequences of loosing the MD position to a western state because of the machinations of a few elements fueled by greed and selfish ambitions ought to bring all right thinking Ijaws and Bayelsans closer.

INENGITE JACKSON SANIPE is a Public Affairs Analyst