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59 Factual Facts About 59th Birthday of Nigeria's Dependence

According to Rtn. Antiquity Prince, he said it may not sound well to enumerate and elucidate the 59 rationales, points, factual facts, why I don't want to celebrate the 59th birthday of Nigeria's "dependence".... The truth is that, in stead of celebrating Independence, we are celebrating defence. Nigeria is conspicuously dependent on our bad leaders cum corrupt politicians. We don't have independence, we only changed our dependence on Britain to few Nigerians.
  Below are my 59 rationales, with 1 major reason we need to celebrate it...

1. Nigeria is still like a scam, instead of a country.

2. You need only primary school certificate (F.S.L.C) with affidavit, to be a President of Nigeria, but you need B.Sc, M.Sc, 2:1 or 2:2 (second class honours), sometimes first class honours, with 10 years working experience, to get a job that pays #70,000 or below, a monthly.

3. The President has the lowest educational qualification, while the Vice President (V.P) has the highest educational qualification, yet, the V.P is rough handled.

4. The President is automatically the Minister of Petroleum, yet no integrity from Mr. Integrity, in the oil sector.

5. Sowore and others are in the police net, just because the said the truth or planned to speak and act the truth.

6. In 2014/2015, the incumbent president now, matched with some politicians and dignitaries, in fact, did a rally, against Goodluck Jonathan's Government, but today, he doesn't want to hear about such act in a supposed democratic government.

7. "Speak the truth and face my wrath", has become the order of the day.

8. At independence in 1960, Saudi Arabia's Royal family received medical treatment at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, but  59 years after, now, our President and other leaders receive treatment in Britain, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

9. At independence in 1960, Nigeria exported palm oil to Asia, 59 years later, Nigeria annually spend millions of dollars to import palm oil from same Asia.

10. South Africa that was helped by Nigeria and Nigerians, just rubbished Nigerians recently, in South Africa, including killing some of them, yet no tangible thing has been done by the Federal Government (F.G).

11. Unemployment has increased drastically.

12. Underemployment is now invoke.

13. The underemployment that is invoke, is even at its minimal reach.

14. Corruption has has taken over the country.

15. Steal #10 and be killed, steal #10 billion and be praised and worshiped.

16. Our electoral system has been bastardized.

17. The judiciary has been rendered powerless.

18. The ruling of a Judge is no longer done, rather the Judge will be threatened.

19.  Our roads have gone from bad to worse, in some states, especially in the East, they have gone from worse to worst.

20. No access roads.

21. No freedom of speech, movement, etc, as enshrined in the constitution

22. No good water.

23. No good health care.

24. Health facilities are either not available or outdated.

25. Quack doctors and nurses have outnumbered the certified ones.

26. We have the highest number of  churches in the world, but we are almost 1st or 2nd in corruption in the world

27. No agenda from the government.

28. No provision for the poor and less privileged.

29. Education is more expensive and complicated.

30. Education is no longer the key to success, but key to frustration (God forbid).

31. Those without certificates control those with certificates, even at the Local Government and council levels.

32. Minimum wage of #30,000 is yet to be absolutely accomplished.

33. #30,000 sounds too much as workers' minimum wage, but millions + millions sound good as our leaders minimum wage.

34. Past Governors and other politicians receive their regular pension, but the authentic pensioners suffer to get paid.

35. The pension received by past governors/leaders, sound dubious.

36. No quality education.

37. No food for the average Nigerians.

38. No light at the end of Nigeria's tunnel.

39. No job for the masses, but there are jobs for the politicians and their children.

40. No hope from a hopeful citizen, most of them have been rendered hopeless, homeless and helpless.

41. No equality in sharing of power, positions and other things.

42. No power supply.

43. No facilities in both public and private institutions.

44. No retirement from/by politicians and their relatives

45. No empowerment for the youths.

46. You cannot get what you want unless you embark on industrial strike.

47. Gambling, like Betkings, Lotto, Bet9naija, pool, etc, have become the alternative of the youths, including graduates.

48. Inflation has been the order of the day.

49. There is rotation of power from by/within the very few.

50. Do the wrong thing, embezzle money as you want, engage in corruption, and be jailed, but do  all of them and more, then join All Progressives Congress (APC) and be pardoned and saved.

51. The masses are not helping matters, they equally support the leaders and fight themselves, including relatives and siblings, just to get favour from frivolities and politics.

52. Women are sidelined.

53. The youths are neglected in government, but used for violence and thuggery.

54. Elders are retired, but not tired in power and authority.

55. Our Heroes past, our Nationalists, etc, must be crying and weeping wherever they are now.

56. Poverty has been upgraded, supported and accepted without options.

57. No basic amenities, not even the three basic needs of man.

58. Book Haram, Herdsmen, etc, have taken over the country.

59. In the past, if you a man dies, a cow will be killed to bury him, but now, if a cow dies, man may be killed for the sake of the cow. Cows are now recognized and valued like human beings or citizens.

_Fellow Nigerians, if you allow me, I can give you one hundred (100) reasons, but let me stop here, at 59 reasons against 59th anniversary_.

Permit me to say at this juncture, *HAPPY DEPENDENCE* (not Independence), we are dependent of our few leaders, there is no independence now.

On the other hand, let me give you 1 reason to celebrate.

1a. God in His infinite Mercy, has given us the opportunity and life, to be alive: I thank God that am alive today, to witness more, do more and know/have more.

1b. With God, all things are possible: he who has life, has hope.

1c. God has removed and erased familiocracy, iberiberism and nzuzuology in my state, Imo, replaced it with democracy, Ihediohanmaism and Rebuild-Imo-logy.