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AKSU Alumni Position About The Ongoing Students' Union Saga

In view of the trending Students' Union Post Election puzzle currently creating concerns and worries among members of the public. Hence, for the sake of the revered brand image of our Alma mater which must be protected at all cost as worthy ambassadors and that of the unsuspecting members of the public we (Akwa Ibom State University Alumni Association) wish to state our positions as follows:

1. That, we are aware of all the Students' Union electoral proceedings that has been ongoing in our Alma Mater. Worthy of note, is the introduction of an innovative E-VOTING which is widely acceptable and commendable by us. Hence, adding more feathers to the already crowded crown of the Prof Eno James Ibanga led administration and the students community at large.

2. That, as an Alumni, We have over time resisted every attempt that is aimed towards our involvement in student activities except for matters that can be predicted to likely result in breach of public peace in the University and it's environs, especially over matters that are pugnacious and belligerent in nature.

3. We are aware that one Mr. Samuel Eno James contested for the office of the Students Union President of Akwa Ibom State University, passed through series of screening and won the elections with a landslide margin and was declared winner by the electoral board.

4. We are also aware that after the declaration, One Miss Victoria Monday George of the Department of Botany raised a petition challenging the current status of the cumulative grade point average of Mr. Samuel Eno James which can be describe as what is expected of every aggrieved student who wishes to seek clarification on matters that seems unclear especially in a prominent  academic community as AKSU.

5. That the management of Akwa Ibom State University on recieving the petition bordered on his academic qualification for the said position carried out a preliminary investigation and findings revealed that Samuel Eno James was not qualified because his cumulative grade point average was below the approved CGPA (3.5) for the position he vied for.

6. That the Alumni on the 10th of October 2019 reached out to Comrade Samuel Eno James to seek for possible means in ensuring that he accepts the reality and peace is maintained on campus even in the face of the displeasing development. Mr. Samuel Eno James didn't honour the said invitation and till today has not made known to us any reasons for not doing so.

7. Base on the recent threats of litigation going around the media space, the Alumni which represents the umbrella body of all founding fathers of the AKSU Students Union is worried about whether or not Samuel Eno James should be seeking for vindication on the allegations bordering on his qualification or redress on the person who made such allegations. Mr. Samuel Eno James in the real sense shouldn't have been worried about the petitioner as such allegation should be expected of any civilized politician before and after elections but should be more concerned about the content of the petition.

8. Sequel to the ongoing development, It is visible that the decision taken by the management to declare the candidate who pulled the next highest votes as winner was in consultation with Student Leaders and is in the best interest of the entirety of the students, respect for rule of law, equity, fairness and justice.

9. While we admonish the electoral board to carry out thorough findings on the qualification of students seeking for elective positions in the Students' Union in subsequent elections, we frown at the wound this ugly development has inflicted in the mind of members of the University Community and caution that the lead actors should refrain from causing further encumbrances on this regard. We pray, that every staff who showed such negligence on duty should be investigated and disciplined accordingly by the management to serve as deterrent to others.

10. We advise that, Mr. Samuel Eno James should accept the factuality of the judgement and further desist from involving in any turmoil that will eventuate in bringing dishonour to the image of Akwa Ibom State University.

11. As a grand body of all former Student leaders at all levels: NANS, SUG, NAAKISS, LGAs, Faculties, Departments, etc, we have had experiences on several of such related cases in other higher institutions and the solution is usually not far from the verdict made available by Prof Eno James Ibanga led management team. The is because, cases of CGPA are purely evidential, proofable and sacrosanct irrespective of status or affiliation.

12. We appeal to everyone who may misinterpret the unfortunate situation befalling Comrade Samuel Eno to score cheap sentimental political points to desist from doing so. This is to justify the proverbial saying that, "No sympathizer should cry more than the berieved".

13. We hereby call for peace to enable students concentrate and make the best out of the ongoing semester's examinations while we are exploring several avenues to heal the situation to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Mr.John Bassey
National President, AKSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION/Representative of the Convocation in the Akwa Ibom State University Governing Council.